Panasonic AG-3DA1 Conversion using FirstLight (Mac)

Here's how to quickly convert your Panasonic AG-3DA1 stereo pairs into muxed stereo CineForm files.

Before you begin, there's a little bit of preparation that needs to be done.

  1. Create a new folder on your hard drive and name it based on the REEL. In this tutorial, I'm calling the REEL 'AG3D-A1'.
  2. Then inside that folder, create 2 sub-folders... one called 'LEFT' and one called 'RIGHT'.
  3. Copy the contents of the Left SD card into the 'LEFT' folder.
  4. Then copy the contents of the Right SD card into the 'RIGHT' folder.

Now you're ready to convert them in First Light.

Step1) Launch First Light and select Import>AG3DA1 Pairs... from the 'File' menu.


Step 2) The 'Convert to 3D' window will open.


Press the purple folder icon in the upper left-hand corner.

Step 3) Select the 'REEL' Folder that contains your LEFT and RIGHT sub-folders.


Click 'Open' and this will import all the files from both the LEFT and RIGHT folders.


Step 4) Select the files you want to convert and press the 'Conversion Paramaters' button (the triangle button midway down the page). This will open the conversion paramaters window similar to the one in ReMaster.


Step 5) In the Logging pane, enter a 'Reel' name for your converted files.

Then select a 'Name preset' from the choices in the drop-down menu. I typically use 'Reel Name with Counter'. This option causes the converted files to named based on the reel name and also be numbered sequentially in the order the shots were taken. Choose which ever option best suits your workflow.


Step 6) In the Conversion Pane, you can change the image size, select the compressor type and quality, do speed changes and lower the volume level of the converted files... or just leave these at their defaults.


Step 7) Click the 'Add to Queue' button and that will load the selected files into the Render Queue. Click the start button (the circular play button) and then you will be prompted to select a location for the converted files.


Once you selected a folder, click the 'Open' button and that will start the conversion process.


When the conversion is done, your Stereo CineForm files will appear in the bin.


That's it!

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    Christopher Scott Knell

    I'm wondering if this workflow will work with the new 3DP1 (P2) Panny.

    I just shot a bunch of test footage with it the other day and would like to try it out.

    The files are in an MXF wrapper. I'm pretty sure it was recorded using AVC Intra 1080 60i 

  • 0
    Jake Segraves

    Its not supported yet, but we're working on it.

  • 0
    Christopher Scott Knell

    It'd be great if you could post here in this thread when it's ready.


  • 0
    Ruihua Ma

    Any support for Windows? Just installed FirstLight windows version and can find the same menu.

  • 0
    Ruihua Ma

    Found it in the manual. Sorry for previous post.

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    daim george

    Thanks for the info. It helps me. I always convert my files from camcorder in mov format to avi on Mac with AppGeeker.

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