Use ReMaster to pull selects for conforming from a Final Cut Pro XML (Mac)

This Tech Note provides instructions on using ReMaster to pull selects from Silicon Imaging or Red source files after completing an offline edit using Final Cut Pro with CineForm Neo3D/4K/HD.  The destination format is any format that ReMaster normally supports for file conversion.  Often the destination format for a conform will be DPX files or CineForm files.

1.  Export the sequence to an XML file.  After you have completed your Final Cut Pro edit, you will export the sequence to an XML file.    Select “Export/XML..” from the Final Cut Pro  File menu.  Make sure only the sequence is selected.  Do not include clips outside of selection. 


 2.  Launch ReMaster.  When the first “Open” file dialog is displayed, click “cancel” to close it. 


 3.  Select  “Import XML...” from the ReMaster File Menu 


 4.  Set the desired IN and OUT handle sizes. 


5.  If your CineForm offline files were originally created from RED files, you can select “Dereference Red Source” to have ReMaster search for the original files.


6.  If ReMaster does not find a file, it will ask for a hint on where to find the file.


In this example we have selected the .RDC folders that were used to create all the clips in the project.  We could have just selected the “RIGHT” folder, or any other folder in the directory path.  ReMaster will search a full directory tree.  If you have all your original files on a SAN, you only need to select the root directory for the SAN for ReMaster to find all the files.

7.   If any file is not found, ReMaster will again prompt for a location to search for the file.  Any files not found will be reported in a message box.

8.  Once the files are loaded into ReMaster, you can see the IN and OUT points for each file by selecting a single file and opening the drawer.


9.  Set the conversion parameters as you would normally and start the conversion.


A.  The progress and estimated time to completion is based on converting all the frames in the selected clips.

B.  For this to work correctly for RED sources, the .RDC and R3D files must not have their name changed after they are created by the camera.  When they are recorded, the camera stores the original file name in the clip metadata.  ReMaster keeps this file name with the CineForm metadata and uses it to find the original clip.

C.  If you are shooting stereo, make sure the two cameras create clips with unique names.  One suggestion it to have A/B, C/D camera pairs.  One rig would have cameras A and B, and so would generate clips A001_C001/B001_C001 as a matched pair.

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