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The example used here is for GoPro CineForm Studio Premium, but the activation method described applies to all paid versions of GoPro CineForm Studio, NeoScene and legacy CineForm products.

GoPro CineForm Software includes copy protection technology that limits its use to two computers at a time. The activation process requires that you receive and enter an Activation Key obtained from CineForm as described below. The Activation Key is based on a hardware-dependent System Code (sometimes called a hardware fingerprint) which is generated automatically during the Activation process.

Note 1 - Trial Versions: GoPro CineForm Studio software will function for 15 days after installation without being activated. If the software is not activated during the Trial period, it will cease to function after 15 days, and you will need to activate it to continue using it.

Note 2 - Moving your activation from one machine to another: Once activated, it is easy to move your activation to another machine by performing a deactivation on one machine, then re-activating on another machine. To deactivate the software, follow these Deactivation Instructions.

In order to activate GoPro CineForm software, here's what you need to do:

Step 1. Get an Activation Key from CineForm: To initiate receiving an Activation Key from CineForm:

a) In the Windows Start Menu, browse to the "All Programs\GoPro\GoProCineFormStudioPremium (or GoProCineFormStudioProfessional) folder and click on the 'Activate' shortcut (NeoScene users will find the 'Activate' shortcut in the "All Programs\CineForm\NeoScene" folder).

This launches the Activation Window where you will see the Windows System Code.



b) Keep this Activation Window open and using a web-browser, go to where you will see the Activation Request form.


c) Enter your e-mail into the "Email" box..

d) Enter your Serial Number into the "Serial Number" box. Your Serial Number was e-mailed to you after purchasing your GoPro CineForm product.

e) Copy the 8-digit System Code exactly how it appears in the Activation Window into the "System / Challenge Code" box in the Activation Request form.

f) Click 'Activate' and if the information you provided is valid, you will then be sent an e-mail containing an your Activation Key.


Step 2. Enter the Activation Key

a) Once you have received the e-mail containing your Activation Key, return to the Activation Window enter your name. Then copy and paste the Activation Key into its corresponding box exactly as it appears in the activation e-mail. You can enter the Serial Number as well (though it is not required for activation).




b) Double-check that the information shown in the Activation Window matches what you were sent in the Activation e-mail and click the 'Enter Key' button. You should then see a window verifying that you successfully activated.




c) You’re done! However, if a dialog box appears saying that the key is invalid, once again, check that you entered the information correctly. If the information is correct and you still get an error, make sure that you’re using the correct version of the software. If it still won’t activate, please open a support request at the CineForm Support Center and include a screen shot of the activation window.

Once activated, the Activation Window should look similar to this.




The text boxes should be grayed out and your only choices should be to 'Deactivate' or 'Cancel'. Click 'Cancel' to close the Activation Window. Do NOT click the 'Deactivate' button unless you plan on moving your activation from one machine to another, adding new hardware or reinstalling your operating system.


If you have any questions or issues, please open a support request at the CineForm Support Center.

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