Windows Product Deactivation

If you wish to move your CineForm Neo license from one PC to another, follow these steps.

1) Run the 'Activate' utility found in the All Programs\CineForm\{your product name}\ folder in the Windows Start Menu.

2) Click on the 'Deactivate' button. After confirming that you wish to deactivate, a Deactivation Code will display on your screen.

3) Write down the Deactivation code and click 'OK'. If you are connected to the internet, the CineForm Product deactivation form will launch in your default browswer. If it doesn't launch, browse to

4) Submit the form using your Name, Email address, Serial Number for the product you are deactivating and the Deactivation Code that was just displayed on the screen.

5) If you entered valid information, after submitting the form you will be notified that the product has been deactivated.

At this point, you can install and activate the product on another PC using the usual activation instructions.

NOTE: If you get an message saying that the deactivation code or serial number are invalid, please contact and include a screenshot of the activation window with your information entered into it..

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