NVIDIA PageFlip 3D Setup

Note: According to nVidia, the GeForce cards don't support OpenGL quadbuffered stereo. They use consumer stereo drivers which hook off of DirectX and only work full-screen. CineForm products use the professional drivers which  means that the GeForce cards are not supported for 3D PageFlip... you'll need a Quadro.

Here's how to set up your nVidia Quadro to use 3D PageFlip:

1 ) Launch the nVidia Control Panel and click on the 'Change resolution' option under the 'Display' category.


2 ) In the 'Refresh rate' drop-down menu, select '120Hz'.

3 ) In the nVidia Control Panel, click on 'Manage 3D Settings' under the '3D Settings' category.

4 ) In the 'Global Settings' tab, select '3D App - Default Global Settings' in the 'Global presets' drop-down menu.


5 ) In the 'Settings' leave all the options at their defaults except for the following:

a. 'Stereo - Display mode' should be set to 'On-board DIN connector (with NVIDIA IR Emitter)'...as seen in the above screenshot.

b. 'Stereo - Enable' should be set to 'On'...as seen in the below screenshot.


6 ) In the nVidia Control Panel, click on 'Set up stereoscopic 3D' in the 'Stereoscopic 3D' category.

7 ) Make sure that 'Enable stereoscopic 3D' is NOT checked.


8 ) Click 'Apply'.

9 ) Launch First Light and in the 'View' menu, select 'OpenGL Player Preferences'.


10 ) In the 'OpenGL Player Options' window, select 'NVIDIA Page Flip 3D' from the 'Internal Window' drop-down menu and click 'OK'.

11 ) In the 'View' menu, ensure that 'Enable Output Card' is NOT checked.


12 ) On the left hand side of the First Light window, select 'OpenGL' from the '3D Display Type' drop-down menu.


That's it. If you have any questions, contact support.

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