Using the “Tools” option in FirstLight

(This Tech Note describes the operation in Windows, but Mac is almost identical but with slightly different screen shots).

Okay, many have noticed that clicking "Tools" does not seem to bring up a histogram like it used to. We were surprised by the popularity of the histogram tool, and got many requests to make it bigger -- so we removed it (sort of).  Instead of a histogram with fixed size and position, we added a range of tools plus the ability to size and place the tools to meet your needs.  So the "Tools" checkbox now turns ON or OFF your custom tools layout.  The idiosyncrasy is "out of the box" V5.0 doesn't have a default tools layout, so you will need to create one (fortunately very easy).

Basic Tools setup.

1) Open FirstLight
2) Import and select a clip.
3) Click on the "Passive Metadata" tab.
4) Under "Metadata" open the "Tool" list, and you will see:

5) Select the tool you want from the list and click "Add" in the top right, next to "Burnin:"

That will get you started, now you will see your "Tools" checkbox actually does something.

Now for some more advanced Tools placement and  control:

1) Select the tool you current have displayed within the "Metadata - Tool" list.
2) Set the tool's size by using the font size control.  For custom placement use the 9-button widget matrix.  If you open up the "More" expander (near the font name) you can set opacity, display duration, fade in/out times and even 3D Parallax (moving the tool in Z axis 3D space.)
3) Add more tools, by repeating the basic tools setup.
4) Reorder tools using the "reorder < >" buttons.

Now you entire customizable tools layout is enabled and disabled via the global "Tools" checkbox.

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