HDLink – Camera-specific Capture Settings

The following table shows the settings to choose in the HDLink PREFS panel based on the mode of recorded footage and the desired post format.

Cameras Recording
Desired Post Format Frame Rate Remove 3:2
Canon / Sony / Panasonic 1080 60i/50i 1080 60i/50i Automatic No No
  1080 60i/50i 1080 30p / 25p Automatic No Yes
  1080 60i/50i 24p Automatic Yes Yes
Sony FX1, Z1U CineFrame 30/25 30p/25p Progressive No No
    24p (from CF25)
must also set Rate Change option to '25p to 23.976p'
Progressive No No
  CineFrame 24 24p Progressive Yes No
Canon XLH1, A1, G1 30F/25F 30p/25p Progressive No No
  24F 24p Progressive No No
Sony Z1U 24p/30p progressive 24p/30p Progressive No No
Canon Vixia 24p 24p Automatic Yes No
JVC HD1, HD10 720p30 720p30 Automatic No No
  480p60 480p60 Progressive No No
JVC HD100 720p24 / 25 / 30 720p24 /25 / 30 Automatic No No
JVC HD200, 250 720p24 / 25 / 30 / 60 720p24 / 25 / 30 / 60 Automatic No No
Panasonic HVX200 720p 720p Automatic No No
  1080p 1080p Progressive No No


1) Spatial resolution of converted files is identical to source footage unless "Resize Video" is chosen

2) if you're capturing through a physical interface (HDMI, component, or HD-SDI) and want 24p, then regardless of your camera, you must select "remove pulldown"

Prefs panel from CineForms HDlink application.

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