AVCHD Sources – Converting to CineForm Intermediate for Editing


Most CineForm products for Windows include a file conversion and acquisition utility called HDLink (in Neo Scene it is simply called 'Neo Scene'). If you haven't yet played with HDLink, it is used for converting numerous different source formats into CineForm Intermediate files, but is also used for converting (re-wrapping) AVI <--> QuickTime (MOV) files, inverse telecine processing, image resampling, camera acquisition, and many others.  HD Link is located in the CineForm\Tools directory within the Windows Start Menu.



Step 1 - File Conversion:  Open HDLink, click on the Convert tab as shown.  Click Select Files, then point at the files you want converted, then click START.  (You can select other options during the file conversion process by clicking the Prefs button, but that is not the subject of this Tech Note).

Step 2 - Edit:  You're ready to go....

NOTE about Audio: If you are not properly converting audio, you may not have an AC3 decoder installed.  Many software packages install an AC3 decoder, but if not, you can get a free AC3 decoder here: http://ac3filter.net/wiki/AC3Filter_1.63b.

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