Rewrapping CineForm AVI Files to MOV (and Vice-Versa)


CineForm's HD Link software can perform a lossless rewrap of headers between AVI and MOV files (either direction) without disturbing the underlying compression.  The rewrap utility simply replaces an AVI header with an MOV header (or vice-versa) so the utility is as fast as a file copy.

In general, AVI files work better on Windows than MOV files, and MOV files work better on Mac than AVI files, even though you can use either file type on either platform.  Rewrapping between header formats becomes a common operation when multiple platforms are involved.

Specifically on Mac, even though CineForm AVI files can be played in both QT Player and Final Cut Pro, 10/12-bit CineForm AVI files are interpreted on the Mac as 8-bit files.  To ensure your CineForm files are properly interpreted by FCP amd AE as 10/12-bit files, rewrap them to MOV files first.


1) Run HD Link (in the CineForm folder under Start Menu).

2) Select the Convert tab

3) Click on the Prefs button and select MOV or AVI for the Destination File Format (make sure that no other boxes are checked below the AVI/MOV option)

HDLink Rewrapping

4) Click OK to close the Prefs panel

5) Click Run on the main HD Link panel

NOTE 1: The rewrap utility works only on Windows

NOTE 2: When rewrapping, "Capture Options" (top of Prefs panel) is ignored because you are not capturing files during a rewrap process.

NOTE 3: Do not select any other options in the lower half of the Prefs panel (as shown) for a rewrap process.

NOTE 4: The ReWrap utility only works for CineForm files.

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