How to Rotate/Flip a Video in GoPro CineForm Studio

If you’ve taken a video upside down on your GoPro, you can flip it right-side-up with GoPro CineForm Studio using these easy steps:

Step 1) Launch GoPro CineForm Studio and Import your GoPro clip(s) by using the 'IMPORT NEW FILES" button in the top left-hand corner of the application window.


Step 2) With the clip selected in the bin, check the "ROTATE / FLIP" option in the conversion options.


Step 3) Select a File Name and Directory Location for the converted clip.


(Optional Step) Add IN and OUT points to trim the beginning and ending of the clip and use the "ADVANCED SETTINGS" to set the Resolution, Frame Size, File Format and Quality of the converted file...or just leave these at their defaults.  Please refer to the GoPro CineForm Studio User Guide for more information about these options.


Step 4) Click the "ADD CLIP TO CONVERSION LIST" button to send it to the Conversion List Bin.


Step 5) Add more clips to the Conversion List by repeating the previous steps and then click the "CONVERT ALL" button.


CONGRATULATIONS! You now have a new flipped version of your file(s) saved in the folder you specified in the "SAVE TO" location in Step 3. These new files are using the GoPro/CineForm codec and can be imported into most popular non-linear editing applications. 

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