Time-Lapse Sequences are not importing into Studio on Windows XP

This is a known issue with Windows XP and the current GoPro CineForm Studio. There is a workaround, however... Here's what you can do to get it to work:

1. take a series of time lapse photos on your GoPro Hero2
2. connect the camera to your PC and copy them into a folder
3. disconnect the camera from the PC
4. right-click on the first image and select [Properties]
5. Under the Summary tag, notice the Title field is blank
6. enter the Title name to match the image and apply the change by clicking ok or apply
7. open CineForm Application (camrea not attached)
8. select [Import New Files], navigate to the folder where your sequence is saved and select the first image of the series
9. drag the image into the New Files pane on the left
10. highlight the first clip in the [Import New Files] pane and selected [Import New Files] again.
11. highlight all the remaining images in the series and click [OPEN]. All the remaining images in the series should then import
12. When the image imports it should reflect the number of frames of all pictures in the directory to the end of the sequence without needing to import additional files
13. use the "Add Clip to Conversion List" button to add the newly created clip on the left side of the screen to the Conversion List column on the right side of the screen.
14. then click Convert All at the bottom of the right column to create a playable file. It may take a bit of time for a large number of files, but a status bar will track the percentage of processing until it is Complete. 
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    Mazlan A. Rahman

    I have about 4000+ (files were named 486 to 4000+) pictures in my GoPro Camera which was automatically imported. Only 360 pictures from the timelapse was imported along with 2 videos out of 20 into the GoPro folder. Hence, I deleted that folder and manually transferred all timelapse pictures and videos from my GoPro into the GoPro folder (PC). I named a folder and transferred all timelapse photos into it. Using GoPro Studio, I imported all the pictures. It did not bundle it. And only pictures no, 1000 onwards were imported.  When converting, at picture no 2500 plus, there was an error and Studio crashes.

    I open my PowerDirector 13 to see if there's problems with my pictures. (as PD13 only allows 2500 pictures, I was able to import picture no. 486 onwards. 

    So till now, I am not sure why Studio is not bundling the pictures or why some pictures are missing. 

    Any suggestions? Using GoPro Hero 4 with 64GB Extreme Sandisk. Using PC. I was worried of file corruption or something but I randomly open pictures using windows and its fine. Using PD13, its fine. 

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    Jake Segraves

    Hi Mazlan. Please open a  support request at gopro.com/support.

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