Which NLE platforms support CineForm RAW files?

CineForm RAW files are compatible with all NLE applications that already support CineForm’s AVI or QuickTime codecs. Among others, CineForm RAW has a complete editing workflow on Windows using Premiere Pro/After Effects and on MacOS using Final Cut Pro.

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    Can you explain this further? I've asked support in an email but haven't gotten an answer yet, and I can't get an answer on various forums either. Maybe my question is stupid, I am a novice regarding video/image editing.

    What I would like to know is if Cineform Studio can export these  "Cineform RAW" files,as you call them? When I try Cineform Studio professional trial, I can only export my raw files timelapse sequence as a mov or avi.

    It would be awesome if CF could export as single "cineform raw" files, and not a movie. I want to edit the raw files in Lightroom, take them into after effects to make the sequence, and make a timeline in premiere, and then export with the Cineform codec.

    I may have misunderstood the whole concept of "cineform RAW", but Bob Lowe (creator of timescapes) says in a video that it's so easy to scrub through "Cineform files". But I'm not sold...

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    Jake Segraves

    Any NLE that supports standard AVI or MOV files can use CineForm RAW fies. 

    However, you must keep in mind that CineForm RAW files can only be created from RAW source files and only using our RAW conversion tools. For, example, you cannot export to CineForm RAW using Adobe Media Encoder or Premiere.

    We deliberately convert RAW image sequences into RAW AVI or MOV files for the very purpose of making them more easily used in NLE's. Our GoPro Studio software does much (certainly not all) of what Lightroom does with the AVI files.

    When Bob says he is scrubbing through files with ease, its because he has a CineForm AVI file on a Premiere Pro timeline and it is behaving like a standard AVI file rather than a DNG sequence that doesn't scrub or play very well on a timeline.

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