Playback of CineForm files stutter in Windows Media Player. Can I fix that?

Depending on the CPU speed or drive bandwidth available on your machine, CineForm files may “stutter” when playing back in Windows Media Player or other Windows applications.  Often the audio will also play out of sync with the video.  
Fortunately the scalability of CineForm’s Wavelet-based compression is superior to other algorithms.  What this means is that Wavelet algorithms can decode to a lower resolution that lowers your CPU and drive bandwidth.  This will usually overcome stuttery or out-of-sync playback problems.  
In particular we have included a utility to allow you to accelerate playback on slower machines by decoding to half horizontal and half vertical resolution.  
To enable half-resolution playback select the “Desktop Playback – Fast” option in the CineForm Status Icon in the Windows Taskbar.

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    José Iglesias

    This is not 100% right. I got HUGE specs and it keps stuttering. 4760x, 32GB ram, ati 290x, SSD, Revodrive...

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