FirstLight & Tangent Wave CP300 Control Surface

The latest addition to CineForm's real-time manipulation of non-destructive Active Metadata comes through its support for the Tangent Wave CP300 control surface within Neo3D and Neo4K, on both Windows and Mac.

The power of the CineForm First Light / Tangent Wave CP300 combination lies in the ability to allow First Light to continue running in the background while your Non-Linear Editing (NLE) software containing your First Light-controlled clips runs in the foreground. Using this configuration, a vast majority of Active Metadata manipulations you would normally make directly in the First Light interface can now be made using the Tangent Wave CP300 control surface, negating the need to switch back and forth between First Light and your NLE. This method of working saves time and hassle and allows you to more intuitively create a high quality final outcome.



There are three "virtual pages" of CineForm First Light controls currently available on the Tangent Wave CP300 control surface: "Color", "3D", and "Right Only". These pages are accessible via the buttons labeled 1, 2 and 3 in the image above. Pressing one of these buttons will switch the panel to the page corresponding to that button. In the display screen on the control surface that appears immediately above these buttons, a title for each corresponding page is listed. There will be an indicator above the title of the page that is currently selected.

For each of the pages, the knobs, buttons, wheels and trackballs of the CP300 will perform a First Light function that is unique for that page. A brief description of the available pages and the functionality found on each of these pages is as follows (further details regarding each page are described in the instruction manual included with Neo3D and Neo4K):

Page 1 - "Color"

The Color page allows you to control global color moves. If you are running First Light 3D, this means color moves that effect both the left and right eye images. Standard First Light global color functionality (White Balance, Exposure, Gamma etc.) are all controllable on this page.

Page 2 - "3D"

 If you are running First Light 3D, the 3D page gives you access to the spatial alteration of the left and right eye images for the purpose of adjusting and scaling the stereo pair of images (Zoom, Converge, Rotate, etc.). The 3D page also allows control of a majority of the global color moves that are available on the Color page.

Page 2 - "Right Only"

If you are running First Light 3D, the Right Only page gives you access to the color and spatial alteration of the right eye image only for the purpose of calibrating the right eye image to the left eye image to make a visually cohesive stereo pair.

For full details read the user manual installed with Neo4K and Neo3D.

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