GoPro Studio 2.0.1 (Win) - Known Issues

Updated 1/31/2014

Import Room (Step 1) Specific Known Issues:

1.     Skip Ahead/Back in 3D Manual Import Window non-functional 

  • Workaround:  None
  • Resolved: Version 2.0.1

2.     Auto Pair button in 3D Manual Import Window does not pair a 3D Time-lapse

  • Workaround: Manually Pair.
  • Resolved: Version 2.0.1

3.     When an In Point is set in Import bin and added to Conversion List, the Source Temporal Control (play head) does not reflect the correct frame in the player window.

  • Workaround: Pressing play jumps source temporal control to first frame.

4.     All .mov sources are not supported in Windows 8

5.     Hero HD and Hero 2 3D Files not automatically pairing on inport. 

  • Workaround:  Manually Pair files. 
    • To Manually pair files, right click within the import new files bin and select "manually pair" 
    • A dialogue box will appear that will allow you to select the right and the left eye files. 
    • ManualPairing.PNG
    • Browse to the appropriate files and press ok when finished. 


Edit Room (Step 2) Specific Known Issues:

1.     Certain unsupported fonts (bitmap) can cause the video behind the font turn to black. 

  • Workaround:  Only use True Type and Open Type face fonts within studio

2.     Backdrop Property for Titles in Source Bin does not reset in Player Window When dropped to Storyboard.

  • Workaround:  Redo the backdrop property once title is placed into storyboard.
  • Resolved: Version 2.0.1

3.     Sliders do not dynamically update to keyframed positions during playback of Storyboard Clips.

  • Workaround: none.
  • Resolved: Version 2.0.1

4.     Edit Room: Export: Archive (GoPro Cineform) settings:  File size estimation can be dramatically larger than resulting file. 

  • Workaround:  None – This will not be fixed as unfortunately, there is no way to reliably and accurately estimate the file size of a CineForm encoded .mov. 

5.     Titles that contain an Underscore “_” character disallows moving title object when dropped on storyboard.

  • Workaround:  None 
  • Resolved: Version 2.0.1

6.     Step forward button can sometimes skip frames

  • Workaround:  None.  Rare use case.
  • Resolved: Version 2.0.1

7.     Pressing the 2x speed multiplier button in video controls pallet, peeks to 8000%, but reverts to 4000% speed upon playback.

  • Workaround: None:  Max speed increase is 4000%
  • Resolved: Version 2.0.1

8.      White balance picker does not work on the last frame of a clip.

  • Workaround: Move playhead one frame back or use any other frame of clip.
  • Resolved: Version 2.0.1

9.     While Grid is enabled, the alpha is disabled on other tools.

  • Workaround: Turn grid off. 

Export Known Issues:

1.  Long exports (Over 4GB) result in unplayable .mp4 files.  

2.  Spanned Recordings have an Audio glitch after conversion. 


General Known Issues:

1.     Uninstaller leaves directories behind

  • Workaround: Manually delete the following directories. 
    • c:\Program Files (x86)\Cineform\Tools
    • c:\Program Files (x86)\GoPro\Tools\Default Templates
    • Resolved: Version 2.0.1

2.     With Avid launched, importing a file into the Import Room causes an import failure.

  • Workaround:  Close avid before importing new files into import room.  

3.     Studio H.264 Exports not compatible with instagram video due to audio format incompatibility. 

  • Workaround:  None.  Requires ability to create h.264’s with a different audio compression.  

Resolved: Version 2.0.1

4.     Windows XP: Uninstalling program does not kill GoProCineFormStatusViewer.exe

  • Workaround: Open task manager and kill process. 
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