GoPro Studio Premium/Professional (Win) - Known Issues

  • Windows 8 is not yet fully supported...DSLR files aren't converting and some users are experiencing issues with thumbnail generation in Windows Explorer.
  • In/Out trim points temporarily disabled on non-GoPro source files.
  • GUI playback controls not available in Fullscreen mode by design.
  • Service Pack 2 is required for Windows Vista.
  • Latest .Net framework required for all Windows machines.
  • In rare cases, with older video cards on Windows XP machines, JPEG sequences will import, but will not play.  Users may still convert these quences.
  • New file naming/numbering in GoPro HERO2 v198 release may cause import issues to time-lapse sequences in Studio.
  • Trimming on Protune GoPro source footage may not be frame accurate.
  • 11MP and 8MP 3D GoPro source will not convert at source settings.
  • In rare cases, large files over 2GB will not convert-  contact if you experience this issue.
  • Studio Free is not currently able to export Quicktime 4:2:2 files from third party software.
  • Exported videos with Over-Under 3D mode selected are currently unsupported.
  • Simultaneously trimming and changing frame rate in Advanced Settings may result in undesired trim points.
  • In rare cases, the Edit Room player window fails to refresh.  The screen may turn white, and the user may need to resize the window to resolve.
  • Mixed resolution JPEGs should be sorted into unique folders for each different resolution before importing into GoPro CineForm Studio 1.3.0.
  • Some truncated audio issues have been noted in select DSLR conversions when .MOV option is selected.  Users should convert to .AVI, or use the Mac product for .MOV conversions.
  • JPEG sequences where file names/numbers are not in sequential order will need to be manually renamed before importing into GoPro CineForm Studio 1.3.0, or alternatively imported as multiple sequences (For example: If GOPR0001.JPG should appear as the frame after GOPR9999.JPG, the sequence will not automatically import correctly.)
  • Files and folders should not be named with non-ASCII characters.
  • Simultaneously trimming and changing frame rate in Advanced Settings may result in undesired trim points.
  • 3D MVC interlaced content may result in converted videos with a thin, green line at the bottom.
  • LG 3D monitors when using OPEN GL 3D mode default to a reversed 3D view. (I.E. your left eye is seeing the right eye video channel and vice versa. )  There are two work-arounds for this issue. 1) In the 3D menu settings of the LG monitor, you can select the L-R(2/2) mode. 2)      In Studio: Right click on the “ext. display” setting, and select “swap channels”
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