GoPro Studio Premium/Professional (Mac) - Known Issues

  •  Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion is not yet fully supported.
  •  New file naming/numbering in GoPro HERO2 v198 release may cause import issues to time-lapse sequences in Studio.
  •  Metadata changes are not reflected in Quicktime 10.2.  Users should be sure to have Quicktime 7 installed to see metadata changes reflected in playback of CineForm files.
  •  Quicktime reference movies (for JPEG sequences in Import Room) will not play smoothly unless files are stored locally on a fast drive.
  •  GUI playback controls not visible in Fullscreen mode in Import Room.
  •  3D Display Mode is not compatible with Mac OS 10.8 or Quicktime 10.
  •  Thumbnails may be slow to display in Import Room (will show as black for a few seconds).
  •  Imports of large files or folders may be slow to load, but will eventually populate in clip bins.
  • Mixed resolution JPEGs should be sorted into unique folders for each different resolution before importing into GoPro CineForm Studio. 
  • MVC source files are not yet fully supported in GoPro CineForm Studio Premium/Professional, but will be supported in a later point release (as a free update).
  • AVCHD source conversions are not currently supported in Studio (use ReMaster).
  • Attempting to Import source files by selecting a folder that contains multiple other folders within the top level folder is not supported.
  • JPEG sequences where file names/numbers are not in sequential order will need to be manually renamed before importing into GoPro CineForm Studio, or alternatively imported as multiple sequences (For example: If GOPR0001.JPG should appear as the frame after GOPR9999.JPG, the sequence will not automatically import correctly.)
  • Files and folders should not be named with non-ASCII characters.
  • GMX3100 graphics card may cause issues with playback of high resolution JPEG sequences.
  • GeForce 9400M nVidia graphics chip may produce black frames in conversions. Users should adjust vertical 3D convergence to bring correct image back in frame.
  • Files imported over a network, or folders with a large number of files may be slow to import.
  • RT Enabler in Final Cut Pro does not support 960p, 1440p or high-resolution JPEG source.  Alternatively, users should bring these source files into a 720p or 1080p sequence and resize/crop accordingly.
  • Final Cut Pro X may randomly cache a frame if user is running FCPX while making metadata adjustments in the Studio.
  • Launching clip in external editor from Final Cut Pro launches Studio, but defaults to Import Room instead of Edit Room unless the Studio application is already open.
  • Attempting to render 4:2:2 source in 8-bit RGB 4:4:4 in Final Cut Pro may cause a tinted or discolored image; User should check the option in Sequence Settings/Video Processing to 'Render all YUV material as high-precision YUV' before attempting to render the sequence.
  • In rare cases on some laptops, entering Fullscreen mode in Edit Room causes the screen to go white.
  • Parallax plug-in for Adobe CS6 is currently unsupported.
  • In some instances, Quicktime may read timecode unreliably towards the end of clips.
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