GoPro Studio Premium/Professional (Mac) - Update History (17 Jan 2012)


• New and improved user interface
• Non-destructive Color correction
• Non-destructive Reframing/Image manipulation
• Advanced Non-destructive 3D correction
• Support for a wide range of consumer and professional 2D and 3D (all types) video cameras
• Support for HD and beyond
• Independent eye control for professional 3D camera rigs (6 March 2012)


• Quicktime fix for After Effects exports
• Database feature from FirstLight added to Studio interface.
• MXF support added for OSX Lion
• Panasonic 3DA1 support added in Studio interface (previously only in FirstLight)
• New Preferences options
• Pick white balance fixed
• Fixed issue with long exports to side-by-side
• Fixed issue with FirstLight crashing when second monitor is attached
• Improved JPEG sequence import handling and performance
• Fixed UI issues with Fullscreen mode
• Fixed issues with 960-48 Hero2 source conversions
• Fixed issues with Panasonic 60i and 720p source conversions
• Fixed issue with JPEG sequence conversions to 120p
• Fixed issue with 3D Convergence controls Enable/Disable
• Minor codec and UI updates
• No longer necessary to restart after installation (4 June 2012)


• Device Window for updating firmware and configuring GoPro HD HERO2 cameras and accessories (such as WiFi BacPac and WiFi Remote)
• Presets in Edit Room* 
• Sharpness slider in Edit Room
• Split-screen slider in Edit Room
• Vignette sliders in Edit Room
• Video to Time-lapse in Advanced Settings
• Added support for JPEG sequences from DSLR source
• Fixed issue with 8-bit RGB 4:4:4 renders in FCP
• Installer issues addressed to quit app before installation and remove CineFormX license folder
• Fixed crash associated with moving main application window onto secondary display
• Fixed issue with swap eyes causing vertical convergence problems
• Enhanced playback functionality in Studio and other third party applications
• Panasonic AG3D-A1 source updates: enhanced conversions, fixed licensing issue in FirstLight, and added deinterlace option in Studio

*includes support for Protune GoPro source, pending HD HERO2 firmware release for Protune (9 June 2012)


• Enhanced Firmware Updater Feature and Device Window (5 October 2012)

• New Welcome Screen with Import, Edit and Devices quick start buttons
• Enhanced Device Window (for GoPro HERO2, Wi-Fi BacPac™ and Wi-Fi Remote firmware updates)
• Split screen adjustment slider added to Studio Free version (previously only in Premium/Pro)
• Sharpness in Image Controls enhanced to add Blur/Sharpen
• Drag/Reorder of clips in Edit Room bin
• Base Matrix added to Workspace
Fixed issues in Save/Load projects.
Add status dialog when copying a large number of files to conversion bin.
Fixed issue for Reset All not resetting Primaries.
Fixed Drag and Drop import issue.
Fixed autopairing 3D issue (photo and video).
Fixed white balance picker not refreshing view.
Fixed audio conversions issues with Sony NX-5.
Add support for multiple file segments from Canon MXF sources.
Fixed loading Canon MXF files from a saved project.
Fixed memory issues for Panasonic 3DP1 files.
Fixed issue with Panasonic AG-3DA1 using right eye for both streams. (15 October 2012)


• Enhancements to Firmware Updater 1.3 for improved customer experience (19 November 2012)


Enhancements to support HERO3 Silver and Black edition cameras

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